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Where is the money for Black feminist movements?

Today, something extraordinary has happened, Black Feminist Fund released their first-of-its-kind report: “Where is the money for Black feminist movements?” and we were honored to have played a part in it. It explores the sustained under-resourcing that Black feminist movements face globally.

The Demand

The report highlights and demands action from the philanthropic sector: we must fund Black feminist movements!

White supremacy has constructed systems that purposefully exclude and disadvantage the global majority. Black women and Black gender-expansive people are the most impacted and continue to envision and fight for a better future—despite inadequate access to funding for their organizations with arbitrary barriers.

The Report

This report is revolutionary. It tells us where change needs to happen. As the report says, "Black feminism offers the solution to a world in crisis. Continuing to ignore, under value, and under-resource Black feminist movements will cost us everything." We urge you to read it.

We are honored to have designed the 146-page report over the past couple of months and to have created the website. We are so excited, proud, and grateful.


Thank you to everyone that was involved in creating this report and getting it to the finish line. And, a special thanks to Black Alder for your partnership and for helping so many people see this wonderful report. ✨

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