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Did Juno: We're Two Years Old

The saying goes, time flies when you are in community—or something close to that—and that seems to be the only explanation for where these last two years went.

We opened for business two years ago on January 22, 2022. Our first year was fulfilling, and our second year did not disappoint. It would not have been the year that it was without our incredible network, and for that, we thank you.

Here are a few of the things that stood out to us this year.

The words “two years” are in bold capital letters and are dark blue, calm yellow, and maroon—around them are rectangular stripes of varying sizes in the same color.

Did Juno Community Builds Hope

This past year has undoubtedly been challenging. With global atrocities, a looming election, a shooting at a nearby university, and tragedy after tragedy throughout 2023, we have been thankful to be in community with so many people who are working to change the world.

When we sit individually and look at the state of the world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and like there is never enough we can do. But, we are not alone in these fights for justice. Throughout this year, we have seen firsthand the difference we can make when we come together. The organizations we were able to join are organizing and activating people worldwide to make an impactful, lasting change.

We're honored to be on this journey with them and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Highlights from Year Two

🗣️ We advocated for inclusive language that tore down stigmas about income inequality and disability.

💻 We designed a fully accessible, 146-page report that was seen by thousands of people all over the world, translated into five languages, and shared by major news outlets.

✨ We led conversations on anti-racist practices for a major nonprofit and how to educate their donors without falling into stereotypes.

🌱 We built a brand that comforts people and their loved ones during some of the most impossible moments in their lives.

📝 We wrote stories that shared messages of hardship and hope from countries around the world. We worked with local leaders to gather information that lead to rich storytelling.

➡️ We advised organizations on narratives that uplifted community partners and brought a focus to the race-class narrative while designing a story collection and production system that streamlined content and created more engagement.

We presented at multiple conferences on email automation, accessibility, and avoiding burnout.

👀 We managed Google Ad Grants, Google Ads, social media, display, print, and radio ads.

😌 We designed a slide deck and multiple handouts advocating for medical system reform by taking complex ideas and simplifying them.

🏡 We redesigned our home page to feature testimonials from some wonderful clients and created an about page to share our story.

🧠 We co-launched a free, 30-minute monthly series called Set Yourself Up to democratize learning about communications and marketing.

What's Next?

Year three has now officially begun. This year will be eventful and full of tough fights ahead. We are thankful for the communities we are a part of that welcome us into their work. Together, we can change the world.

Thank you so much for making this disabled and queer-owned small business a reality. We could not be here without all of your support.

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