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Did Juno: We're Turning One

One year ago, on January 22, 2022, Did Juno launched.

This first year was so much more than we could have imagined and we want to thank everyone that has been a part of it—clients, supporters, and friends. The support we felt this year was unmatched and we wanted to thank each and every one of you.

We wanted to share our two favorite things from this first year and some of the incredible opportunities we've had in 2022.

Did Juno That Business Can Fulfill You

Often when we think of business, we think of capitalistic business ideals. We knew from the start, we wanted to be different. We approach business with an abundance mindset. This year we dedicated time to working with aspiring communication professionals and mentoring them to accomplish their own career goals while sharing what we have learned along the way.

Traditional business practices leave people dejected, drained, and on edge. We left our first year feeling inspired, restored, and excited.

One of the things that is frequently missing from business is human connection. We put that at the forefront. We found a community that supports, loves, and embraces our vision and shares it and it makes the world seem that much more connected and inspiring.

Our Goals for Year One

When finding Did Juno, we aspired for better work/life balance, wanted to create a communications practice that centers equity and accessibility, and help our clients feel restored in their purpose and strategies. We did that for ourselves and our clients, and it is the best feeling.

So, what are the biggest things that stand out this year?

  1. Getting the opportunity to work on some incredible, world-changing projects.

  2. All of the wonderful people we have met on this journey.

Highlights from Our First Year

🎨 We created brands that empower, graphics that educate, and reports that inspire change.

🎬 We advised filmmakers to advance their projects, find their audience, and share the incredible art they are creating.

🏳️‍🌈 We advised 2SLGBTQ+ organizations on national pride campaigns, outreach to their local communities, and connecting with queer youth.

✉️ We managed emailing, social media, and influencer campaigns.

🎭 We worked with arts organizations to create inclusive communication plans, diversify their offerings, and find their community.

📝 We organized marketing campaigns, merchandising, and fundraising initiatives.

💻 We built websites that connect, inspire, and lead to change.

✨ We collaborated with celebrity talent to advocate for Black Liberation and 2SLGBTQ+ equity.

🔲 We partnered with another company that has been incredible to work with over the course of the last year.

❤️ And through all of this work, we championed inclusivity, accessibility, and equity.

Looking Forward

As we head into our second year of business, we are so excited to continue with our clients and meet new ones along the way. We cannot wait for so many more wonderful conversations with people that are changing the world. You inspire us and we wouldn't be here doing this work without you. You make this queer-owned small business a reality.

Thank you so much for an unbelievable first year. We cannot wait to see what year two brings.

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