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They/Them Pronouns

Have you ever used they/them pronouns for someone? We’d bet the answer is yes.


You find a wallet on the ground and say, “oh no! Someone dropped their wallet!”

You see someone with a flat tire on the road and say, “I hope they are okay!”

You see a really cute dog on Instagram that is your dream dog, “their human is so lucky!”


We use they/them pronouns in singular form all the time—and we have been since the 1300s!

  • What are pronouns?
    Pronouns are used instead of a noun in a sentence. Example: I love my dog. She is perfect. I think the world of her. That toy is hers. You can learn more about personal pronouns here.
  • How to use they/them pronouns?
    They/them pronouns work similarly to he/him and she/her pronouns. The best way to learn is to practice. You can practice here! Here’s an example: Brittany is awesome. They really love their dogs. That dog over there is theirs.
  • What if I made a mistake or heard someone else make a mistake?
    We all make mistakes. If you mess up someone’s pronouns, quickly correct yourself and continue. Example: Alex is a great person. He is— sorry, they are wonderful!
  • Why do people use they/them pronouns?
    There are all sorts of reasons. No matter the reason, when someone tells you what their pronouns are you should use them out of respect.
  • Why you should use they/them pronouns?
    When you don’t know someone’s gender identity, it is helpful to use a gender neutral pronoun. There are many gender neutral pronouns—like they/them—availble to use until you learn someone's pronouns.
  • Why are these in your email signature?
    When we assume someone’s pronoun we can misgender them. By putting pronouns next to your name in your email signature, or even the first time you mention someone’s name, it allows the reader to associate the correct pronouns with that person.
  • How can I use pronouns?
    When introducing yourself, include your pronouns. This helps normalize the idea that we cannot assume someone’s pronouns. Also, ask people to share their pronouns during introductions if they feel comfortable.

Additional Resources

Learn more about pronouns with these great resources.

Learn more about personal pronouns and why they should be respected. This site will cover many pronoun topics in-depth.

Not sure how to use a certain pronoun? You can practice using nine different pronoun sets here in a quiz. This is handy when you are practicing a new pronoun for the first time.

What's Next?

Add your pronoun page to your email signature like this: First Last (they/them).

Need a different pronoun? Here are she/her and he/him pages.
Don't see your pronouns? Contact us and we'll make a page for them right away.

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