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Our Story

Did Juno was founded on January 22, 2022. After over a decade of working with nonprofits, museums, universities, and social enterprise companies, our founder, Brit Holmes, decided it was time to create something new. 

In the Spring of 2021, Brit suddenly lost their dog Juno at the age of five. They reevaluated how life and work should be more balanced during that time. Faced with the very blatant reality that life is too short to wait to pursue dreams, they opened their own business—a lifelong dream.

Seeing the burnout, inequity, and lack of accessible strategy for organizations, Did Juno exists to break the cycle and bring accessible, inclusive, and anti-racist communications to more people. 

Our Namesake

Did Juno is named after our founder's dog Juno. She was a therapy dog that brought joy everywhere she went. She enjoyed visiting assisted living facilities and libraries where kids would read to her. Before the pandemic hit, she was in the process of getting approved to visit prisons and loved training. She enjoyed agility, rally, and was learning scent work.

Everywhere Juno went, people would smile. She loved walking through the campus of Michigan State University where she would meet students and even ended up in some stranger's graduation photos. She loved people. 

Juno was a safe space for all who met her. Brit would ask her, "did you know you're so cute, Juno?" and Juno would turn her head at "you know" because it sounded like her name. When it came time to establish a name, it was obvious, and Did Juno was born.

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